A little summer re-cap I don't want to forget . . .

I really thought that the summer was going to be the time to just sit back and relax, but in order to do that, there needs to be a lot of fun activities planned, and that always turns into craziness! We packed a bunch of stuff in this summer, and now that school's in - I've been taking some much needed deep breaths. Who knew summer would be so crazy?!?! Well, I guess the morning sickness and finding out we're having twins probably has something to do with all that!
So, this summer Chloe got to go camping in a tent with Dad and the boys for the first time. She was so excited, and was such a good sport about everything! Geddy got to go, too, and the boys swear he saved them from a mountain lion that was lurking about in the morning. Such a good puppy!

Chloe has her own special way of eating hot dogs. She eats them like a corn on the cob - that helps the ketchup spread evenly on both cheeks!
She loves Geddy, and we're so grateful he's so darn patient and wonderful with the kids! I won't get started on how many time's he's been sprayed by skunks, and how he's too big to throw in my bathtubs since I can't lift him, and how many of the kid's toys he's eaten, I'm just going to try to focus on how I can trust him (for the most part) with the kids. Jake even stuck a fork in his tail one night, and Geddy didn't even make a noise -- he just got up a little quickly and moved away -- such a good boy!
Colten used to be afraid of dogs, and Geddy can still scare him a little when he's running full speed at Colten, but now he's so much more comfortable and confident around dogs!
Jake and I didn't go camping -- I'm kind of a whiner when I'm suffering from morning sickness all day long and Jake still was in his crib. Someday, I'll toughen up again!

Joe and the boys went to their uncle Billy's graduation. Samuel L. Jackson spoke to them, and since we're fans of Lonesome Dove (plus we named our horse after his character in the movie - Deets), the boys thought that was so very cool to meet him.

A few pictures from the beach in Newport that I didn't want to miss . . . .

It was Jake's first day at a beach, and he loved it. He walked "with purpose" everywhere he went, and he tried so very hard to be naked on the beach. The sand on his forehead was because he loved it so much, he just kept on rolling around in it!
Joe took the boys to a Dodger's game and got really great seats. They had a blast while Chloe and Jake and I stayed at the condo to do some swimming.
This summer, we had a few problems with our yard flooding. It got so deep that I was worried about Jake drowning! The kids thought it was the perfect swimming pool, and Colten loved tromping around in the irrigating boots. I was just a little stressed out as the water inched it's way towards my basement windows -- because Joe was also out of town, of course! Seriously, these things only seem to happen when he's gone! Luckily, our wonderful neighbor (with his leg in a cast) climbed into the irrigating pipe to see what the problem was. Sure enough, an entire tree had lodged itself into the pipe. He pulled the tree out, and the problem was solved!! But now my field is too dry and could kind of use a little flood. I guess it's never perfect.

In the spring, the boys were able to have a few friends go with them after baseball practice up to Grandpa Steve's ranch to help brand cattle. They were all pretty tough, and there were even a few BB gun injuries to make it a complete country-boy trip!

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