I want to be a part of it . . . .

So, we went to New York last weekend. It was great! We went with a few of our fabulous friends from Morgan, Kim & Rusty Hurd & MaryAnn & Paul Heiner. We got to see all the great sights, take a ferry under all the bridges, go to a Yankees game before they tear down the historic Yankee stadium, ride the subway everywhere, see WICKED, buy some super-authentic purses from some shady characters in Chinatown, and we even got to meet the NAKED COWBOY! Can you believe we packed all that in to 2 days in the city?!?!


Hooray for the 4th!

Though my fireworks were pretty pathetic, the kids had fun with them!

That night we went to the high school football field and sat on the 50-yard line with nobody else around us. The fireworks were set off at the bottom of the football field - so they exploded RIGHT above us. The boys ran around pretending they were in a war, Chloe cuddled with dad, and Jake watched them with amusement until he fell asleep during the show (only a 4th-child could fall asleep with fireworks going off directly overhead!).

Chloe loves to see her cousin Jack! We wish they lived closer!

Colten has been trying to help Sam learn how to ride without his training wheels. Sam gets frustrated easily and was having a hard time, so Colten tried to help. He told Sam "Riding a bike isn't easy . . . it's not like eating a marshmallow!"

We had SO much fun on the 4th! Colten had a couple of baseball games we went to - his team even made it to the championships! Sam and Chloe got to participate in the community bike parade. Sam was so fast on his new bike, that by the time I got Chloe off on the parade and went back to the starting/finishing line, he had already made it back. BUT I didn't see him - so I waited. And waited. And waited. Then, I started thinking that maybe I shouldn't have let him go off on his own. So, I geared up, fully ready to jump in the river to save him if necessary, and went to find him. You know that sick, heart-pounding, shaky-hand feeling when you start to worry about your child's life-feeling? Well, I had it. Luckily, I found him sitting on the bleachers eating an otter-pop and watching Colten's game like everything was just dandy. Whew!!!!! I just couldn't believe that he could have finished the race that fast! Nothing like young children to really get your heart pumping!!!


I just love how my kids jump at the chance to pose for me while I get all my settings right - you'd think they'd be sick of my camera in their faces!

Sunday Smores!

This picture of Chloe and Joe is probably my favorite one from that day.

Our kids can't be serious! Every time I have my camera, they are jumping in front of me and making up their own fabulous poses!!!!

This horse is named "Henry." He's very friendly and very grateful for the water we helped him find on the mountain.

shhhh . . . . . did you hear a bear?

Jake thinks he can walk at 7 months old. I had my camera ready for his first attempt!

This last Sunday, Joe and I decided to take the kids to Chalk Creek for some good, old fashioned hot dogs and smores. I don't think I put the camera down for even a minute!!!! One thing to remember for next time . . . . don't forget the bug spray!!!!

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