The girls are getting fun! They smile all the time now and they try to play with toys - so fun!

Sophie is such a great sleeper - she even falls asleep under her play gym while Lucy is playing and singing and kicking!


Happy St. Patrick's Day!

SO, since the twins were born, I've been pretty pathetic with my "love baking" (that which is baked for no other reason than to show my family I love them). Yesterday (St. Patrick's Day), Chloe was feeling a little neglected and was asking for something yummy, but there was nothing in the house since I don't go anywhere these days. Luckily, my friend told me about how to make these rainbow cupcakes - so within an hour they were made!!!!
You take a cake mix, and divide it into a few separate bowls and add some food coloring - so easy!
Then you dish a little bit of each color into the cupcake liners, and . . .
they come out of the oven looking like this!!
Of course, while they are baking you need to lick your dishes clean!
I had some little pink ball sprinkles, and I mixed them with some yellow food coloring, and TA DA! Lucky Rainbow Cupcakes for the kids!!!

Chloe, of course, had to decorate her own.

Jake loved them so much that while I was upstairs showering, he was sneaking into the kitchen to get his own. I came down to 7 cupcakes that had no frosting on them!!!

Sophie and Lucy are totally smiling and talking now, and I just can't get enough! This is Sophie!
Colten has been a HUGE help to me with the babies, and I don't want to forget how willing he is to help now (since it might change later!).

About this fish . . . . . .
This is Chloe's fish "Rainbow Tail." She loves her, and she got her at the begining of school. This fish wants to live FOREVER apparently! One day, while I was doing the dishes and talking on the phone, I decided to clean the fish jar in a very lazy manner. I was just pouring out the dirty water and adding clean water until it was all replaced with clean water - smart, right? Well, I don't know how it happened - it all happened so fast! The fish flew out of the jar and right down the disposal drain. I panicked and screamed and lost my mind for a second thinking about sweet little Chloe and how heartbroken she'd be - so I hiked up my sleeves and went about it. The fish isn't even an inch long so it was hard to find, but I kept trying. I finally found it. I think it was flopping around underneath one of the disposal prongs, and it was SO SO SO slippery! It took forever just to get it to hold still in one place so I could get a hold of it, and I was certain that it would be pulled out suffocated or that I had squished it trying to get a hold of it!

BUT IT LIVED!!!!! It has a tear in it's tail, but it survived! This is one little tough fish that has a big will to live . . . . just like our 1 remaining chicken!


Jacob Hansen

This is my little cuddle-bug. He has SO much personality! I love how big his emotions are and how sweet he is too me (when he's not mad at me and calling me a "poo-poo guy").
Here he is with one of his best buddies, Jack Hurd. They play really well together, and it's nice to have a friend for him that we see all the time! Plus, they're only a week apart in age!

"i punch you"

A few that got lost in the shuffle . . . . .

Sam and I got to go to a Utah game this fall. The weather was supposed to be snowy and freezing, but it ended up so great! Our seats were protected under a big over-hang, so it was just perfect. Sam is so funny. He always has his emotions running at full-power --- especially for his teams, so he cheered loudly for the Utes!

Sam got some great snacks from Grandpa Steve who never disappoints!
These are from Sam's end of the season football party. I put together a slideshow of the games and we had some great snacks, but the best part of the party is always hearing what the coaches have to say about each player. Okay . .. . . . the trophies weren't too shabby, either!

Here's Sam!

Sam -- 8 is great!!!!

Sam is growing like a weed! I can't believe how fast 8 years old has come! I still remember holding him in the hospital 8 years ago -- he was such a cute little peanut! Anyway, since he's such a funny party-guy, we had like 3 birthday parties for him! You can never blow out enough candles, right?

Jake has a little habit of losing control of his mouth whenever candles are around - so Sam took a few precautions.

It was so wonderful to be able to Baptize Sam the day after his birthday and on the same day as the big family party! He was grinning from ear to ear the whole time, and as he was getting out of the water, he exclaimed, "yes!yes!yes!" because it was just such a happy thing for him!!! Colten gave the talk, and did an awesome job! 10 years-old is pretty young to be giving talks at baptisms, but he pulled it off perfectly and I know it meant a lot to Sam who looks up to his brother so much!
For his friend party, we grabbed 10 friends, and hit Chuckie Cheese, and then went to see TRON 3D. When out insane group ran through the movie theater, I got a lot of looks. One lady was laughing about all the boys, and said "Oh, you brave woman!", but I had my friend, Kim, there to help - there's nothing we can't handle!

Happy Birthday, Sam! We love you so much and you are such an important part of our family. You keep us on our toes and laughing day after day!!!

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