My Family '09

Yeah! We're all in a picture together! This NEVER happens - so it's really, very exciting to see all of our faces in one picture . . . happy! This weekend we took some pictures off my parent's back deck - so I've got some more coming!


I just love them so darn much!

So, I know that life has been insane lately and I've been bad at posting, but I found an opportunity to have my kids tag along at a session last week so that I could get a few pics of them after I finished the session. I do regret giving them free-reign with the large bag of suckers while I was shooting, and I only got 2 or 3 images of them all together (mainly because Jake can't hold still for more than a second!), but I got a few pictures that I just cherish -- so I'd say it was worth the extra hassle to have them tag along!

I asked the boys to show me their "tough guy" faces and apparently Sam is "looking for anyone who wants to fight" when he's being "tough".
Look! Jake stopped running for one second! I think he ate 20 dum dum suckers!
Jake's not quite 2, but his personality is very obvious and strong. He is absolutely in love with horses, elephants, and football. I never pointed him in that direction, I just noticed him playing football with himself one day out in the yard. This was about a month ago - so I'm guessing he'd been watching Colten and Sam closer than I thought. He'd get down and say 3 unintelligible things, then yell, "GO!" and he'd get up, run as fast as he could, throw the football ahead of himself (while running), and then tackle the football. Sometimes he'd even lie there acting like it was a "big hit".

Chloe even likes to get in on the football action (even though she has her own little girly way of playing).
Colten turned 9 a few days after I took this picture. I just LOVE seeing him grow up! He's turning into such a great helper and such a funny kid!
Seriouly, this was picture number one and picture number two has Jake running towards me. I really can't get a great pictures of all my kids together to save my life!

Geez - I just love them! I know I'm biased because they're mine, and that's how all parent's feel about their kids, but life is so exciting and funny with these little kiddos in my life and I feel so blessed to be trusted with them!


I remember pink curlers!

My mom used to put my hair up in 2 high-piggy-tails with thousands of pink sponge curlers every Saturday night so that my hair would be huge and fluffy on Sunday mornings. I could NEVER sleep! Well, being the girly-girl Chloe is, she was so delighted to see that I picked up a few pink curlers -we had to put them in right away! (And, YES, that's a wart bandaid she has on her arm. Don't ask me how she got one - I have no idea!)

I had to post this picture of Geddy because he's driving me crazy eating everything he can get a hold of -- this picture reminds me of how darn sweet he is, too!

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