Poor Chloe

Chloe's best friend, really her only friend, Amanda, is moving far, far away. She has no idea what is going to be happening this weekend, but I feel sorry for her. We've tried to have Amanda over as much as possible this week to get as much time together as we can. Here's some pics of their time together:


It's finally here!

All kids look anxiously forward to Christmas all year long, and this year, it feels like Christmas didn't really get going until 2 weeks ago. The warm weather was sneaky! I was thinking I had all the time in the world to get ready for Christmas, but now it's a week away! I can't complain, but if our winters were as pleasant as the first of December was, I'd be in heaven! We even took the kids to Temple Square to see all the lights, and I can truly say it was the best trip to see the lights EVER because it was really just "sweatshirt weather". Okay, okay, for the kids, snow makes Christmas special and fun. I guess I can live with some of this slippery, white stuff for a few weeks. The kids deserve it.
Okay, I have a question - why can't the photographer's own kids just be normal and smile sweetly? Is is really that hard?
Chloe gets ready in the morning with her big brothers and while they go catch the bus to school, she spends a little while outside playing in the snow. She's loving it, and can't wait until next year when she gets to start skiing with the rest of the family!

Why are neighbor gifts the most stressful of all the gifts? Could it be the huge list? Could it be worrying about leaving someone out? Could it be worrying about someone giving you a gift that you weren't prepared for?

The kids wrote letters to Santa, and they even got a letter back from him the next day!!!! Santa is such a great man!

Jake is at such a cute age. He has no idea what is going on, but he knows it's something exciting. He also knows that if the house is hectic enough, the outside kitty (sugar-pie) has most likely snuck in the house, and can usually be found under the Christmas tree. Sometimes that situation alone can provide endless hours of entertainment!
So, the other day, I felt bad that Jake didn't understand what was going on with all this Crhistmas stuff. So I said, "Jake, listen closely . . . . " and I proceeded to explain everything. From Baby Jesus, to Santa, to presents and everything.
He got really excited about it and all he could do was scream, "Wow!"


My sister's wedding

My sister got married this last fall! She married a great guy named Jake. Their wedding was so fun. The weather was warm and everyone was in love - you can't ask for much more for aperfect wedding day! Since I was taking pictures most of the day, my darling husband got to experience life with all 4 kids outside of the home without mom to help!

The Salt Lake temple is by far the prettiest place to take pictures in my opinion. So, I took a bunch of pictures of my kids at the temple since it was one moment when all 4 of them had no food on their faces - all at the same time! A miracle!Chloe got to wear a flower girl dress, and that made her feel like Cinderella! We even went that morning to get our hair done together. It's so fun being girly!

Jake was beat half-way through the day, but I think he held onto his "happy" like a trooper!

These two crazy kids think they're real hot stuff in their tuxedos. I guess when you wear a nice black suit, a little attitude just comes naturally.

Sweet baby Jake is always ready to cuddle!

Emily and Jake were all over each other (as well it should be!) that night, but they weren't the only ones dancing . . . .Chloe found a dance partner in Jake's nephew . . . .

and they danced the night away.
Congratulations, Emily and Jake! We all love you!

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