Jake does time-outs now!

Sometimes 2-year-olds have to learn a few lessons about not biting sisters or 80-pound puppies! So sad!

Recap of Cole's football games

I just realized that I never posted some pics from Cole's last football game!

There was a lot of this pose going on during the games!

That's Colten taking someone down! Gently, of course!

This was what happens after Colten would throw the ball. He's the one with the arms in the air as he's getting thrown down!

This was a good tackle!

Here is Colten leading his team to battle!
Joe really enjoyed helping on the coaching staff this year - I think he did a pretty great job!

Coach Rusty did a great job of making sure the refs were calling things fairly.
Joe got pretty "into it" a few times.
Joe and Rusty demonstrated a few techniques.
The boys all did a great job and we are all very proud of how hard they worked!

Santa is everywhere!

Chloe and Jake got to see Santa at the county library as a "warm up" before visiting him at the mall later that night! He was so very nice!

Geddy loves the snow!

She's getting so big!

Chloe is fully 4 now!

Chloe is having a lot of fun this winter. She gets to have friends over all the time . . .

and Joe bought her some skis so she can start skiing with the boys next week!!!

Jake's Birthday

For Jake's birthday, I made his cake! It was the Hershey's cocoa recipe and it's delicious! Of course, adding a few oreos always makes things taste even better.

Jake loves football, horses and elephants. He tackles anyone who will let him!

He also really loves his puppy - Geddy!
This is him showing me how old he his - "Twee!"
My dad needs a dog so very badly!

Jake had gotten really good at blowing out candles and opening presents (that's why right now there are no presents under our tree - Jake will open them!)

The best part of cutting the cake is licking off the frosting from the candles!
He really likes his present!

This picture will come back to haunt Colten in his teenage years!

Jake was so happy his cousin Hank made it to the party!

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