A few pics . . . .

Jake is so funny - one minute he's crazy mad, and the next, he's the sweetest and cuddliest guy! I just love him so much!
Colten is such a man! I thought he looked so grown up in the pic, but I think he was just focused on the game.
Chloe is my sweetheart because she is the nicest person I've ever met in the entire world! I'm not even exaggerating - she honestly wants to be friends with everyone and she wants to help everyone! She is definitely made of something truly sweet!
Don't let the smile fool you! Sam had some big tears when we lost Geddy, but we are so thankful everything turned out okay!
I never want to forget the face that Cole makes at me when I tell him to go do his chore and his homework before practicing basketball and calling friends over. Such a hard life!



Our scared, lost, whining bear of a puppy has been found! He actually crossed a river! It was a horrible day and I'm sure my neighbors think I'm nuts yelling his name like crazy and running all over the place, but I'm just happy our family missing anyone now! I don't think he'll ever see this, but a HUGE thanks goes to Jeff Francis for finding my dog! I feel bad that he almost knocked you over, wouldn't get in your ranger bed, and almost tore your hand off running home! You and your family are so wonderful and I couldn't ask for better neighbors!

I'm really sad!

We've lost our dog, and although this may be a little premature, he's been gone for almost 6 hours! I have looked everywhere, and I'm putting up signs, but I think that maybe like 5 people see this blog that live in my city -- so, if that's you, will you please keep an eye out for him? He's kind of scary-looking at first, but really a sweet dog. He's also pretty clumsy - so don't be worried about him having rabies or anything - he just falls down stairs a lot! Let me know if you see him! Thanks so much!


Just a few more!

Joe is gone for the week, working and playing, but I wanted to really make him miss us -- so here's a few pics of the kids I took last night so he can see what he's missing! In between all the sports and practices, we found a few minutes to go take a few pictures. Also, maybe he'll realize that pictures are fun! Now, if only I could get him to hold still for a few more family pics!

I tell really funny jokes. Seriously, I'm hilarious.

Chloe was actually not interested in getting out of the wagon at all because the grass is "itchy". Uh, huh . . . . my own kids don't perform very well for me, but if I had someone else asking her to run around in the weeds, she wouldn't hesitate.
She's actually trying so hard for me to smile in between tears because I offered her an enormous reward. I have to hand it to her for trying!
I told Jake that he was doing so good at his pictures, and all he said was, "I know."

Jake said he saw a "rawr" up the hill. Very exciting!
My guys two love each other, but they won't admit it.

Chloe came up with this one all on her own! It's definitely a pose worth remembering!

The "rawr" scared Jake a little.
Just kidding! He wasn't really scared!


Catching up = Fall 2009

So, I keep on getting over whelmed with the amount of things going on in our lives - so here it is in a nutshell!

CHLOE TURNED 4 on Nov. 9th!

She had a "Pinkalicious Party" with 5 of her good friends. We did makeovers, made jewelry, colored and danced to princess songs. It was her first "friend" birthday party and I have to mention that it was a little tiny bit calmer and sweeter than the boy's parties have been. These girls were all so easy and happy and calm that I found myself wondering if the party was going well - since the boy's parties have always been so crazy and loud and hyper-active!

I had the most fabulously talented woman make her cake! My friend, Christina, from Christina's Cakes made this cake for her. I don't know how she does it, but her cakes taste as great as they look, too! The fondant is VERY edible! It was like an enormous candy-coated cake - no joke - the fondant tasted like sweet/luscious almond candy! I have her website linked here: Christina's Cakes.

It was SO SO SO SO SO good!
Have I mentioned that I just absolutely LOVE this little girl?

Jake couldn't really understand what the big excitement was with stringing beads.
My mom was so very wonderful and came up to help me out with the party - couldn't have done it without her! I love you, Mom!
Chloe just had to have the # 4 on her cake, but I guess it's still a cute picture!
This one is my favorite of the day! She blew out the candles on 3 cakes over the weekend! I think birthdays have got to be my favorite thing to do for the kids!

For her family party, I tried to make her a cake from scratch!
It was nothing compared to Christina's cake, but it was from scratch, it had cherry frosting, it was pink all over and it tasted good - so I consider it a success!
Chloe had been talking about her birthday for months now - so I really hope she had a great time!

We also celebrated her uncle Tom's birthday, too. He had a lot of help blowing out his candles!
Chloe is really grateful for all the wonderful gifts she received! The easy bake oven and the girl gourmet are a great combo!
Joe got really excited about the barbies! He loves them!

Joe and I got to visit Las Vegas last week for a few days. We don't really get down there often, but this time we saw a show, and I got to sleep for hours and hours to make up for the sleep deprivation I put myself through for my "glorified hobby" of taking pictures.
We saw Criss Angel. I'm a fan of his TV show. His tricks are awesome.We also got to eat great food!
So, sweet Jake is really growing into his opinions as he nears the ripe age of 2. His new thing is to yell at the top of his lungs at me. Most of the time he just screams, "NO!", but he can also switch things up with an "I hate you!", too! We're so proud of his vocabulary. So proud.

Wrestling season has begun again. The boys are having a lot of fun! Sam has a bunch of his friends doing it with him this year - so he's really enjoying it!I just love these two cornballs! Cole and Sam rock my world - I am constantly laughing whenever they say something. How in the world did I get this lucky?!?
We're trying to fit in a few park days before the real winter hits.

Oh, yeah! Check out Jake's red "Ronald McDonald" shoes! He threw such a fit and just HAD to hold them, and then all of sudden I had bought them! I really should just throw them away because I cringe every time I see them, but he thinks he looks pretty hot in them!
He's got such a funny little personality.
This is Jake's buddy, Jack. He's so cute!


Chloe was a butterfly, Colten and Sam were both "dead bikers", and Jake was a cowboy, but her didn't want to carry his stick horse.

I always take a picture of the kids we trick or treat with that day for the big "commercial business" trick or treating. I absolutely love our community! I know it's a tiny town, but I swear that I know more people up here than I have ever known anywhere else!


We took a few pictures off the back porch of my mom and dad's house. We've had a few important additions since the last family pic back when Cole was the only gandchild!


Every crazy hair day should be documented.

COLTEN turned 9 on October 16th!

After playing a huge day of 2 football tournament games, we took like 40,000 8 and 9 year-olds to Toad's for some birthday fun! We totally lost them . . . . . a couple of times . . . . . . I'm still wondering if I really made it home with everyone!

At least they had a great time!

Happy Birthday, Colten! You are such a wonderful kid! Thanks for being so helpful around the house!

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