I just can't get enough of her!

Chloe, I love you. You are such a shinning star in my life, and I adore every second you are with me.

Chloe - you are also a very good poser!


Cole's basketball season

It was so much fun to have all of Colten's friends together on their basketball team! Great job, boys!

End of Summer Party!

A big thanks goes to my good friend, Treasure, for throwing such a fun "Last Day of Summer" party! All the kids needed was one more day of playing together with as many water toys as possible, and that was what we did!

Sam said the water was a little bit cold.
Rolling down the hill was a success!
The boys were complete daredevils!

Colten always seems to know where my camera is -- could he be trained that well already?

Jake was so happy to just sit in the sand and dig, dig, dig!
We had to duck our heads a few times when they broke out the water rocket, and it was used as a weapon more than a few times, but it was so fun!

All I said was, "Jake, show me your "sexy" pose!" -- what do you think? Did he deliver?

Jake's buddy, Jack, has the most gorgeous blue eyes!
Colten is playing football now - so his self-confidence is WAY up. Those are such HUGE muscles!!!

My silly Sam was freezing, but he still tried to smile for me! Thanks, Sam! I love your toothless smile!

Chloe had some great "moves" to show me on the tramp!

I may get in trouble later for this picture of her on the tramp, but I just think it's such a funny pose!!! Hee, hee, hee!

Catching up!!! 4th of July!


County Fair 2009

We love the county fair up here. This year, Chloe got to ride on one of the floats for her dance class for the opening parade.
Jake's balloon didn't last very long!
Since she's so little it was good to have her on the inside row, but now it's a "where's Waldo" picture. Can you see her? She had an armful of taffy she was holding onto to throw to her brothers!

Everybody walks away with way too much candy.
Someone threw a popsicle at Jake - which made him very happy!
Chloe got to perform at the fair with her "dancing girls."

She was really intent on riding the "Hustler" which looked like huge pink princess crowns.
Once is started spinning, she decided it wasn't very fun. It was actually really crazy and I had to hold onto her head with both of my hands to keep from hitting her head against the metal seats. She cried the whole time! Maybe just because it looks like a princess crown, that doesn't mean it will treat you like a princess.

Jake is still completely in love with all animals - so the rodeo was perfect for him!

Our friend's kids caught a chicken in the chicken chase. They don't have a chicken coop - so guess where this little beauty went?
Like mother like daughter, I guess! Chloe got a butterfly sparkly tattoo!

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