I already miss summer!!!

So, there's this field by my house that I'm OBSESSED with! Luckily, my kids are always in the mood to be in a few pictures, so I took advantage of the long wheat one evening, and we did our own photo shoot! I've learned that a few of my own kids can't take me seriously, and just holding a normal smile for me, or even just not being completely crazy, is TERRIBLY DIFFICULT! Oh, well - the silly faces and silly poses can sometimes become my favorite!

Did I mention how lovely the wheat is? I almost lost Jake in it a few times!!!!

This is what can happen when we try to bite a huge sucker! Ooops!

Chloe is such a doll! I love how excited she gets whenever I mention taking pictures of her. I had a couple of outfits made for her this summer, and one of the ladies that made some wanted some pictures of a new design -- so I was happy to oblige!

I love daisies! My whole front yard flower patch is full of enormous daisies. I wish I had some more creativity with the rest of it, but I found myself on a huge daisy-buying moment a few summers ago, and now they're EVERYWHERE!!! I'm not sad about it, though -- they're fabulous (until it's time to chop them down and clean it all up!).
I found a few more pictures of us in Chalk Creek that I want in the journal/blog/scrapbook -- so here's some more!
Jake LOVES riding horses!
We tried to teach Geddy how to swim one day, and he did okay, but he's really not a water-dog at all!


Jackson Hole - here we come!

So, we weren't going to go anywhere over Labor Day weekend, but with the twins coming soon, Joe and I knew that fun little trips were going to get harder to put together. At 3:30 on Saturday afternoon, we weren't going anywhere, but by 4:30 we had a room booked in Jackson Hole and we were loading up the car to go!!! Jackson is always a good idea, right?!?!

I have a picture up in my house that I love of this barn in the morning, but now I have one of it in the sunset -- so I got a little diversity going now!!!! Yea!!!
Have I ever mentioned how much I love my family?!? They are all so crazy and cute!!
It especially warms my heart when I see Cole or Sam being really sweet and considerate to Chloe or Jake, and it was a little cold outside, so Cole made sure to keep Jake wrapped up and warm when they went to the fence to see the buffalo.

In Grand Teton, there's always a bunch of animals lounging around! It's so fun to see them up close and out in the open! Colten did a really good job of grabbing a few different angles of this moose with my camera. He's already thinking about the school contests he can enter his picture in!
Since Jake is so very much in love with buffalo (gu-gu's), we were bound and determined to find some herds of them up close - and we were so lucky to get so close to such a huge herd! They went right in front of our car, and I was VERY relieved that we were all sitting in the car at the time!!!!! I still think it's funny that Jake, even though he speaks full sentences, still calls buffalo "gu-gu's." I hope that he outgrows that name for them by the time he's in school!!!!
The boys got the chance to float the Snake river with some friends while we were up there. Since I'm pregnant, I stayed with Chloe and Jake (but it was so cold out that I was a little relieved at not having to get too close to the almost frozen water!!!).
They had a great time, and I'm so happy they got that opportunity! We'll have to make that a little more of a tradition, I think!

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