Being a mother means . . .

Being a mother means making warm brownies that will be ready when school ends.
Fortunately for Chloe (who starts every day asking when it'll be time to make some cookies), Jake and Sam and Sam's friend, Branson, that means brownie batter before the big kids get home from school!

Chloe figured out a way to "refill" her batter-licker! She thought I wasn't looking.

Naked is always better!

He's 14 months old. He's a boy. And the weather is nice inside. Do I need to explain it any further?

I hate diets

What is it about the "lower your sugar intake" diet that makes even THESE candies taste like heaven?

It really is amazing. I can't even figure out what flavor I'm eating, but I just can't stop! I can hear the little candies hiding in my cupboards, yelling "please help us! We need you to eat us! Your diet won't even know!!!" I just feel so bad for these little cute things, that I give in every time! What in the world is wrong with me that I can pass up cupcakes, but not these little sugar-nuggets!?!?!


Jake's first time sledding!

Jake got all bundled up and got to try sledding for the first time!
His opinion: It was cold and slippery.

Since his boots kept falling off, we went with the "folded over snowsuit" so he could actually walk forward. That helped a little.

The rest of the kids had a great time, though!

If he sat on my lap in the sled, he was under control. The tears dried up - what a relief!

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