Just chillin's at home . . . . . every single day!

Sweet little Chloe is always up for going outside to play in the snow . . . even if it's just to tag along with the boy's war games! As I watched them through the window, I though it was so adorable watching the cute, little, fluffy pink person running around after all the camo-wearing boys. I can't wait for the twins to get old enough to play tea-party with Chloe!

While all the craziness is forced outside, I like to cuddle with these little things! This one (above) is Lucy.

Colten got first place in the inspirations contest at school for the picture he took of a moose in Yellowstone!!! Yeah!!!!
I am so happy that Jake is sweet and careful with his little sisters. He is SO SO SO in love with them, and is always ready to help me with them!


This is what makes winter fun!

Every Saturday Joe takes Colten, Sam, and Chloe skiing for a few hours. It's so great to have a fabulous ski resort 20 minutes from home. Chloe is on her second year, and she's amazing! She loves to go - jumps at the chance every time, and she's already comfortable on the blue runs! Pretty soon she'll be trying to keep up with the boys on the black runs, but for now, she makes Joe promise not to take her on any of those black hills just yet.

The boys go skiing on the mountain without Joe since he stays with Chloe on the easier hills. I admit, I'm a little nervous about them on the big hills without a parent, but so far so good.

Chloe is so happy to have time alone with her Dad. She loves it so much, and it's the best thing for them!
I'm really in love with how good and patient he is with her! I know it's a lot of work, and not a lot of fun skiing for him, but it will all pay off when he can ski the big hills with all of his kids in about 6 years (I will be back at the lodge ready to feed them hot chocolate and cookies, for us!).
These pics were from Christmas Eve - Aunt Patty and Katie were so wonderful and came up to ski with the kids. They are so in love with their Aunts.
Sam's such a stud - always ready to pose for a picture!

A little catching up . . . . hunting 2010

The boys look forward to this event all year long, and so Joe was bound and determined to shoot a deer for them (he had already gotten his elk on the first day of hunting - without the boys). So, they got one.

They went up with their Grandpa and uncle Tom and his son, Jack. It was quite a party!
I think the coolest part of it all was probably using the horses to pack their animals out.

Everyone had fun (even though Sam looks like he had the worst time ever! That's just part of being 7, right?).

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