Hangin' at home

Winters last forever. Especially when I'm basically a shut-in trying desperately to keep the twins away from germs and sicknesses! Every time the sun shines, I get this "christmas-eve" type of anticipation! It's still cold outside, but it's coming -- I just know the warm and happy weather will be here soon! I have huge plans to take the kids to the park at least every other day - my house will stay cleaner because of it -- yea!!!! In the meantime, it's been pretty crazy and pathetic around here. The girls love to trade off with their nap-times. I work so hard to get one baby happy or asleep just to have the other one wake up! It's a wonder that I can even get the dishes done and dinner made! I REALLY don't want the girls to get bigger or grow up or anything, but it might make my life a little easier when they can finally sit up on their own!
Until they can sit, we have bumbo chairs all over the house!
My little sweetie, Jake, gets so upset when he sees blood! It's just as bad if someone else is bleeding, too! This time, it was just an old scratch, but he insisted that I document the "blood" since it looks so very terrible!

Sweet Sophie - always smiling even when she gets woken up from a little nap too early.

Have I mentioned that Cole is the biggest help ever?!?! The reason why he has his shirt off is because I make the boys take off their shirts or change them after school so the babies won't be as exposed to all the yucky germs at school. I'm so paranoid this time around!
Lovely Lucy!
Chloe is such a fabulous helper! I just adore the way her mind works - she's always making me laugh!


My big girls!

The girls are now 3.5 months old! They are smiling and laughing and rolling over - I'm just loving it! Newborns are so sweet, but when they start smiling at me now, I can completely forget about all the housework I can't get done - it's just too wonderful to play with them! I think I'll start initialing the pictures of the twins so the rest of the family can know which is which - the one above this is Lucy.
Sophie. She almost refused to stay on her tummy - I had to work fast for some of these shots!
Jake wanted to have a nakey picture, too (since he's usually naked anyway!).
Sophie kept spitting up!!!! AAAHHHHHHH! My life is so covered with that stuff these days!!!! But . . . . aren't they such cute girls?!?


Goodbye Saturday Ski Days!

Since November, Joe has been such a stud Dad and has been taking Colten, Sam AND Chloe Skiing every Saturday! I think he only missed 2 or 3 Saturdays since November! Chloe was so cute, and ALWAYS in the mood to go skiing with him (the boys had to be convinced some days when they were her age!).
They boys are now able to ski everywhere Joe likes to ski - which helps to make it a fun time when it's just a "big boy day." These were pics of one of the places they hiked up to before skiing down. I am so proud of the boys for being so fearless and being to talented on their skis!

Sam slipped down a little one time - hiking can be a little scary and dangerous!

This is a picture of Chloe in her "pizza" pose which she has long since grown out of! Good job, Chloe!!!! Joe has big plans for her - involving ski teams, park city schooling, and gold medals!

Sam "World Champion" Hansen

Sam did wrestling this whole winter - November through to April! He rocked at it, and I was so relieved to notice that he wasn't complaining about going to all the practices this year! He just buckled down and practiced hard, and he was able to walk away from the year with a great feeling of triumph. Since this is all getting turned into a journal at the end of the year, I don't feel to bad bragging about how well he did. There were some meets that no other kid could even score a single point on him. He has got these certain moves down so that as soon as the match begins, he's got the other kid pinned in two moves and 10 seconds later! As a mother, I have a hard time really enjoying wrestling because it can be such a gut-wrenching thing to see a child when he gets stuck and can't move and loses. That's why I'll never be in love with wrestling like I am with the other team sports my kids do throughout the year, but Sam never walked away from a match feeling down on himself - he was always floating through the air. So, as for this year, I enjoyed watching him do wrestling. It was a great thing for his self-esteem. The sad thing is that even though these pictures show how great Sam was, it's a little sad for the little boy he was wrestling! Sam is in the red singlet.

So, a funny thing . . . . . Joe taught Sam a kind of dirty move where he covers the other kid's nose with the crook of his elbow so the kid will automatically lean back to breath and that would do the final act of getting the kid pinned. SO, Sam did that move on a tougher kid and it worked! He pinned him! The teenage judge didn't disqualify him or anything because Sam is so innocent and humble when he's doing the matches, but he did tell Sam that it's illegal to cover another kid's nose when he's wrestling. Sam looked over at Joe and said in a VERY loud voice, "Dad! He said I can't cover the kid's nose!!!" I'm hoping that Joe was convincing as he tried to play it off and act like he didn't coach his son to do that illegal move!!!!


Deer Valley Fun!

This year, Joe took the boys to the ski competitions at Deer Valley. The boys had a lot of fun and got to meet some famous skiers. It's always a good time with Joe!

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