More end of the summer . . .

So, life has been completely out of control like never before, and I blame most of it on the required 6 hours of bed-rest a day that my doctor has imposed on me. I know it's good to be super cautious with twins, but it's causing me to get really behind with everything I normally do . .. . . . . including keeping up on all the events of our lives and posting them to the blog! I seriously took for granted the ability to just spend the day puttering around the house cleaning up after everyone, and going to run errands in the middle of the day. LIFE HAS CHANGED A TON IN THE PAST 2 MONTHS! Now, I scramble to get at least a little bit of the house cleaned up after getting 2 of the kids off to school (and if I can squeeze a shower in there it's almost a miracle!) before either my mom or Joe's mom comes over to help make sure that I stay lying flat while taking care of Chloe and Jake. So, I have to lie there for 6 straight hours, bored out of my mind, and when I get the green light to resume my duties as a mother and wife, I have barely an hour before the boys get home from school and it's time to start making dinner, shuttling to and from all the basketball, football or wrestling practices, and trying to squeeze in a few clients' sessions here and there! So, just to keep things afloat, all the extra fun things have gotten pushed aside for a while, and that's why I've been neglecting my family-blogging duties!

So, here' s a few pictures of some fun things that happened the end of this summer that I definitely want in the blog/journal!
I love how much the kids want to pose for me for pictures! It makes things really easy and really fast!
Chloe loves clothes. We got her a new outfit from the Persnickety booth at Swiss Days, and she feels like a million bucks in it -- so it deserves a few pictures, right?
Chloe also is in love with preschool and waiting the whole summer to start up again was KILLING her! This is her first day of her second year of preschool. She was a little bit excited to see Teacher Melanie again, can you tell?!?
Joe does such a great job of taking the kids places! He took them to the Oakley rodeo with a couple of friends, and they had a great time. Here is Cole and his buddy, Bowen.
Cousin Hank was there!
Here's Sam and his bud, Branson. These two need to be watched at ALL times -- very mischievous!
Here's Joe and his Dad, Steve.
Here's the Tom and Sara, Jack and Will family!
Here's Laurel and Hank!
Here's Ben, Brooke, and Baby Tyler!

Joe also took the kids camping this summer with Geddy. The story I get from the boys is that Geddy scared off a mountain lion early in the morning -- thus SAVING everyone's life! Good job, puppy!

The view from Windy Ridge is just so gorgeous!

The boys also hiked the "M" with Joe a few times this summer (I haven't really been up to it much lately . . . . or at all this whole summer!!!). The "M" is the big white M on the mountain that you see when you get off the freeway exit. It's a short, but insanely steep hike and it feels SO good to get to the top!

In August, Joe and I went on a really last-minute trip to Las Vegas to see RUSH play before I had to start bed-rest. It was so great to just get away alone for a couple of days, and seeing them play was awesome. They seiously played for about 3 hours straight and had the funniest videos they had put together! I loved it, and that surprised me a little since I'm a Rush fan by default from Joe. That's also where we got Geddy's name -- Geddy Lee is the lead singer of Rush. In our house, 1980's classic rock will never go out of style!

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