My sister is getting married!

So, I'm confused . . . wasn't my sister, Emily, just turning 13 like yesterday? How in the world did time go by so fast? I remember when I was younger that years took forever to pass, but now the years almost seem to be on fast-forward! It's happened . . . Emily is engaged! I'm so excited for her!!! I've honestly never seen her so happy . . . ever. She's smiling all the time and now she GIGGLES! She's marrying a great guy named Jake (no, I didn't name my little baby Jake after him). He is so wonderful to her - he really knows how to make her giddy. He even takes her on surprise trips! They are getting married on September 18th, and I just can't wait to see her new life really start! She's definitely glowing, and that makes me the happiest sister ever.

Isn't she gorgeous?


The biggest little county fair!

For some reason, My cute husband can get our kids to sleep on a shoulder better than anyone! Makes me so mad! But . . . . . it's just so darn cute! Babies are so sweet when they sleep, and it feels even better when you're the one who gets to cuddle with them while they sleep! Being a parent is such a great joy!I know it's tough to see, but this is of Colten riding a very wild sheep during the "muttin bustin" portion of the fair's rodeo.

Chloe gets a little messy when she eats. It looks like the bench got the worst of it this time!

Colten got to show a horse!

It was so hot walking around the fair all day, that stopping for a snow cone wasn't so much of a want than it was a NEED.

Joe's family and mine during the rodeo.
Sam joined in on the "chicken chase" during the rodeo. It was such a crack up!


How summer flies!

I just love babies! My little guy (Jake) is so funny! He is so happy that all I have to do is make eye-contact with him and he giggles. He can't stop moving around. He started sitting up at the early age of 4 months, and now he's like a freight train that can't be stopped! He's 8 months old now and he thinks he can walk! He actually can't, but that doesn't register with him, apparently! He weighs 24 pounds and can't stand to be put down. I'm going to need some serious chiropractic work pretty soon! When he starts to stand up all by himself, he gets so excited that he tense up his whole body and screams in delight, then immediately falls over because he wasn't balancing himself in all his excitement. Sometimes it gets hard to hold him since he thinks that he can just dig his feet in and climb me like Mt. Everest, but he still makes me laugh. Today, for the first time, he laughed when he farted. Oh, my stinky little boy!

I always know when Chloe has been somewhere. She organizes. I don't know where she got it, because it's so hard for me to organize, and I don't think Joe has ever tried. But she does it well! I found this plate with her abandoned fruit snacks all lined up and couldn't help but grab the camera. After having a few wild little boys in this house, it sure is a treat to find such a cute and sweet little personality floating around making my life balanced! (as a side note . .. after taking this picture, the fruit snacks disappeared! So mysterious!)

Jake the tank loves balls. All kinds. He likes to crawl after them, roll them, and even chew on them!
This summer, Chloe's chore was to fill up the tiny swimming pool every morning so it would be warm by the afternoon. She never complained about her chore, not once!

And for the record . . . yes, we live in a small town where having your own chickens is common, and no, we wouldn't change it for the world!

After swimming, I took the kids to the snow shack. Jake just had to have a taste!

I actually can't get Sam to stop posing. I know that everyone thinks it's me telling him to pose a certain way, but actually he's the one with the silly sense of humor!

This was Sam's first year of swimming lessons. He's so proud!

Colten's an old pro, but the diving board was still a little intimidating!

I can't believe that my husband is camping out with 3 of our kids by the fire, under the stars for the last time before summer is officially over! What happened? Was June so cold that I didn't consider it really summer? I am so sad that summer is done, but I have to admit . . . a few extra moments of having only 2 kids at home might be kind of nice! Could I actually jump in the shower before noon on a regular basis?!?!?!?! Well, that might be a lofty goal, so we'll just have to see how it goes. I was thinking that I would be so sad if I didn't put in a few pictures from some of the things we did this summer! I know, that's all this blog has been since it's only about a month old, but STILL, I hope you like them!!!


Yeehaw! I'm important!

Once I get a background set up, my kids can't help but start posing for me! In fact, I don't even have to have my camera with me , they just start yelling, "Take a picture of me, Mom!". This is their impression of "falling through the sky".

I finally made it! I made "the first word" list! Last Saturday, Jake said his first word - "mama". We tested it, and the verdict is in . . . it's me!!!!! Here's a picture of my chubby little guy.

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