Summer has finally started!

Even though it's been a cold/wet June, we've been able to do so much fun stuff already. The kids even got to go on a boat ride. They looked so cute in their life jackets, that I need to post a couple of pics!

Our Family Vacation

We decided it was time to head to California again for our family vacation. We went down there the same week one of Joe's best friends went, so we got together with them almost everyday. The beach is so much fun, especially when you have friends with you.
Jake loved the sand. Not really a huge fan of getting in the ocean, but he loved rolling around in the sand.The problem with rolling in the sand is it gets in your eyes!He never really learned that lesson, though.

Chloe and Jake cheered their Dad on when he was boogie boarding.

Sam was such a stud. I think he stayed in the water everyday, all day long!

The waves, though they were too wet and cold, really spoke to Jake. He was in his own little world, shooting his "spiderweb" at them.
Colten got really great at boogie boarding. He loved it and he was awesome. It was a lot of fun to watch!

When we went to Balboa beach, we had to try the famous Balboa Bars! They were a little messy, though.
I think we went out for ice cream like 10 times that week!

This is Max, he and Colten are about the same age, and though we haven't seen his family very much over the years, it's kind of cool to see him and Colten and Sam having so much fun together!
Jake is the messiest kid I've ever seen.

We went to Disneyland for a day. The kids had a lot of fun. They even got over their fear of roller coasters and did all the big ones (is it weird that I'm really proud and very relieved that they "man-ed" up and did it?!?).
Chloe's so in love with all the princesses, so I made sure she saw them all!

This was Ariel's Grotto. Chloe, Jake and I had lunch with personal visits from all the princesses. It was awesome food, and they got pictures with each princess. Jake flirted with all of them except for Aurora. When she asked him if he wanted to be in a picture with her, he said, "NO. I no pink" -- meaning he's not into pink since he's such a tough boy (we won't bring up the fact that he's in love with wearing Chloe's pink cowboy boots and pink Yankees hat!).

The princesses really wore Jake out!

We took all the kids to the mall for lunch on the rainy day since the ocean was way too cold. They all had a blast running around like crazy people, and we got some funny looks from people who've probably never seen so many young kids running around together.

The hit at the mall was the Koi pond (I think that's what they're called!).
They were huge, and the boys of course had to try to catch them!

We had a lot of fun on the trip. It was a lot of driving, and the kids probably watched 20 movies in the car, but we made it back in one piece, and that's success, if you ask me!

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