It's very official - we blessed the twins!

With the girls being born in the winter, I've been a tiny bit neurautic about germs and keeping them inside and away from people. I pushed back blessing the twins for a few months just until they were 3 months old.

It was this huge deal with two babies! I had so much going on and trying to get the house clean PLUS the people in the house clean - whew! I'm exhausted just thinking about it! Luckily, it all came together and the babies even got to wear clean blessing dresses! It kind of seems like I'm drowning in spit-up these days, and Lucy can't wear one outfit for longer than 2 hours without having it soaked through with spit-up!

The blessing day was great. I was trying to get used to carrying two infant seats around, and they really don't fit in a pew at church - so we took up the whole front row and I was nervous to be there in front of everyone - so sure that one of the babies was going throw-up or poop on me right there in the front row. It was very nerve-racking, but then everything went fine. It was all so fabulous - no tears, no spit-ups, no poop, and Jake even fell asleep on the bench next to us! It was like the girls knew exactly what was expected of them. It was all just lovely!
. . . . and Lucy got mad.
I'm so in love with them! It's completely insane having 2 babies at the same time, and I realize now how easy it was when I just had one to take care. BUT -- it's so much more fun at times. Getting them to laugh at the same time is the most fun - it just makes my day of getting nothing done completely worth it.

Chloe was answering some questions about me for mother's day, and one of the questions was "what does your mom do best?" Her answer was "she does the babies". I have my hands so full of baby stuff and I'm so crazy nervous about germs and too much noise, that I have to really talk myself down. That's when I realize how wonderful all my kids are. They have lost a lot of attention from me, but the best thing is how patient they are with me and how much the absolutely adore the girls. I think it could be easy for a child to start to resent the other babies for taking up so much of my time and energy, but I really don't get that vibe from them - thank goodness! They are so wonderful! Chloe always helps me out with anything I ask her to do and she does it with a happy face. I adore her happy spirit so much!
Jake just kills me! He is so funny with the girls. If anyone is getting too loud around the babies, he shushes them! He's very protective and so in love with them - I'm sure he'll take great care of them as the big brother!
One thing about Colten and Sam is that they are always so ready to help hold babies for me. I never have to ask them twice to help me with the girls (their chores are an entirely different matter!).

I tried to make the day very pink-y!

Jake ended up naked, of course!

And the girls got lots of love from their Grandparents!
I wanted a few pictures of all the little cute things that go with having girls. There are a LOT more adorable accessories for girls than boys!
And one more of my little comic-relief! Love you, Jake!

Finally Springtime!

Chloe has been trying to wear her summer clothes for the past 6 months (when it's been way too cold!), and now I'm finally giving in and letting her! All my kids have LOVED being naked, and it seems she is no different!
We went to visit some family for Easter. The kids LOVE seeing their cousins. Will is the same age as Jake - so it makes it especially fun for him. They play so well together . . . . most of the time (they are only 3, you know!).

Jake's new love/obsession is Batman. He even LOVES the old 1960's Batman and Robin movie!
The boys had a little fun with cookies.
Chloe started playing soccer! This was her first game and she was so proud of herself for making a goal! It's so funny to watch the girls play - they politely stay out of each other's way and don't want to be too pushy by kicking the ball away from another girl, or do anything even remotely rude!

Yeah for spring - it means summer's almost here!!!!!


Happy Easter!!!

Springtime around Morgan is great. It usually can get pretty windy and I have been able to get kites miles up in the sky - holding onto them for dear life. So far, it's been a little disappointing for little Jake. He was so determined to get his Buzz Lightyear kite up, but there was no wind. I've learned that there's really no reasoning with a 3 year-old, so I just grabbed my camera.
Sam was smart and learned that if he just kept on running, he could get it to fly a little bit -- which really only mad Jake more mad!
The community Easter Egg hunt is always wild, but that doesn't stop us! Here's Jake checking out the competition.

Colten was sweet and offered to run with Jake to make sure he got a few eggs! Such a great brother!!!
Jake was a little nervous at first.

These pictures make the egg hunt look kind of calm, but that's because they were taken after the insanity ended. I'm not joking -- grown men - fathers were tripping over and knocking down little kids in their rush to get eggs for their own kids. If I had a whistle, I would have been calling "foul" on all those fathers! I saw large men completely flatten 3 year-olds, land on them, and then get up and run away after the eggs without checking on the child they just almost killed! I lost my own kids in the rush - so I just hoped and prayed they'd make it out alive! One father was carrying his own 2 kids on his shoulders, and he tripped - sending all three of them to the ground - hard! Colten - the stud he is - saw a special egg that had a number on it (meaning it wins the child a big easter basket full of candy). Another father saw it at the same time and it was a mad dash to get to the egg. The man dove for it, but Cole was faster and dove right under the guy to land on top of the egg like he was playing football - so Cole got possession of it!!!! I swear that a few rules need to be made as far as letting adults help their kids - it was funny at first, but the more I thought about it, the scarier it got! One of the little boys I was helping up off the ground was completely scared out of his mind after getting plowed over by some random father. Good job, Dads! It's really impressive to see you going after those eggs at any cost - hooray for you!
Chloe made a killing somehow, and she even started giving her eggs away to some other little boy!
In the end, we all survived and had fun! It's still a pretty cool thing that the community does up here!
Sweet Sam didn't get one of the numbered eggs this time, but someone was nice enough to give him their extra one!

Jake thought that the whole egg hunt was the coolest thing ever!!!


Pinewood Derby - here we come!

This year, we had some fabulous help with our cars - apparently they don't come out of the box the perfect weight! We were bound and determined to get those cars all the way to the finish - so we added some pennies, and we were set! This was the first year the boys were able to do the race (poor Colten only had a block of wood with sanded corners and wheels last year!).

Chloe was the perfect cheerleader as always - she was just so happy to be a part of the excitement!
I took the girls out - which turned me into a crazy person! I had to ask everyone that wanted to hold them if anyone was sick in their family! What's wrong with me?!?! I'm so darn paranoid about them getting RSV - they RARELY go out - only if they absolutely have to! Jake was 6 months old and got RSV in May - so I'm more paranoid about it with these girls since they're younger and there's 2 of them - it would be so hard if they got sick at the same time! At least they're good girls - it would be so hard if they were really cranky!
The funny thing about this picture is that it was before the race. Cole's car didn't even get to the finish line at first - so they were both expecting to lose. These are insanely fake smiles - done just to get mom to leave them alone!
Once the race began, Jake was mesmerized. He kept shouting "whoa!!!!!" as each car flew down the track.
Sam and Cole were really really nervous.
I love this picture!!!!! Nothing makes me happier than when the brothers are being sweet with eachother!

and the results are . . . . . . . . .
Colten took 1st place!!!!! He kept beating all the other cars - he was so shocked!!! Sam was so close, too! He took 4th or 5th - so he was VERY close to placing. When the night, was starting Joe told them that the Hansens have had a long line of disappointing pinewood derbys, and not to cry if they get their butts kicked!
The best thing of the night - Sam told me later that night that he's so excited that his brother took 1st place. He was so sincere and had such a great attitude about it that it made my heart just melt!
Jake was so happy, too!

And of course, Jake ended the evening half-naked!

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