Spring 2011 - whew!!!

It's been so crazy around the house, that I've let my blog posts slide! So, I'm doing a little recap of what's been going on the last few months. There will be more catching up, but this is a start . . .
I always wonder and worry. Up here, in Morgan, it seems like winter gets longer and longer, but a few flowers finally did peek through right about the time "winter despair" was setting in.
Cole did a great job on his history fair project. the 4th grade always has a history fair, and he did it on the Rocky Mountain Elk. His amazing drawings really added to his display!

Jake is always wearing some sort of super-hero costume, and I had to grab a few pictures one day. Isn't it adorable to watch a 3-year-old get dressed on their own? I especially love it when arms and heads get stuck in the same holes! I guess it's kind of mean to just sit back and watch, but how else will he get the hand of it -- I'm not going to be helping him get dressed when he's a senior in high school!

Chloe is always right next to me all day long. I love how much she talks. I don't understand how her lips can move so much without every taking a break! It's so funny sometimes!

I am SO in love with seeing her dance! She's always making up her own dances at home!

Chloe's clogging team did an amazing job at Lagoon this year. I think they placed 8th out of the age division of 3 - 8 year-olds and out of hundreds of teams from all over the place! Good job girls - it was adorable!!!

I did preschool pictures again this year for Chloe's preschool. The picture day fell on "park day" so I got a few minutes to watch the kids eating their lunches on the bleachers. It was cute to see how all the kids interact with eachother. They're at such an innocent and sweet age. Chloe doesn't mind playing with the boys at all (and vice versa!) In fact, she has a "boyfriend" from this class. His name is Zac and he's really cute. Chloe confessed to me that she and Zac had kissed once in class, but that it was okay because Teacher Melanie didn't see them. GREAT. It's beginning already! I'm a little nervous about all of this - aren't boys supposed to have cooties?

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