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I have been such a bad mommy-blogger! Life keeps on happening, I keep on taking pictures of it all, but does the blog get updated? No! Not for months now! It's been a pretty wild summer and fall, but I want to get some of the events covered, so there's going to be a TON of updating over the next little while!

Here's a few of the girl's 6-month session. Lucy was the first to sit up on her own - even before 6 months old! Sophie was still a little tiny and scrawny, so she didn't sit up on her own until she was about 6 1/2 months old, but she was crawling within 2 weeks! I'm guessing that just sitting there wasn't enough for her - she has places to go! Lucy would just sit there and stare at all the places Sophie was going with total jealousy on her face. I'd put Sophie down on the floor to sit by her toys, and she'd immediately "frog-hop" over to where she'd rather go. It made Lucy a little frustrated with herself - we could see it all over the grouchy faces she'd pull watching her sister. It was pretty funny!

Whenever I put the girls next to eachother, they'd start examining eachother. Sometimes it would make them mad when an ear or an eye would get clawed at, but mostly they were just confused about what was happening!
Sophie - the sweetest little angel ever!!!!!

Lucy - she's such a funny and loud baby! She wakes up in the morning (or middle of the night) singing. Her singing is really more like bird whistling, but it's cute and it's loud and sometimes it scares me out of a deep sleep at 3 in the morning!
This is Sophie.
This is Lucy.

This is Princess Chloe - the best helper/big sister/daughter/friend EVER!
Oh, my...........life is wild around here, but it's so fun, too!

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